Ploi Core
Ploi Core

Managing users

To start adding new users, click your name at the top right and press the red label "Administration". This will take you to the administration panel.

Next press "Users" in the gray navigation which will list all the users in your system. You also have the ability to search for users here.

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On the left, you have the ability to create a new user right away.

Once created, the user will automatically receive an e-mail welcoming them with a link to create their password.

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  • Name - The name of the user
  • Email address - The email address of the user
  • Notes - Additional notes for you to save to the user, the user is unable to see these notes
  • Role - The role the user should have. Administrators can do everything you can, the user role is a generic role for your user
  • Package - The package the user should have, more about packages here
  • Language - The preferred language for this user
  • Blocked - If you enter a reason here why the user should be blocked, he or she won't be able to login anymore until you remove the reason